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number of topic depend on database size?

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  • My BBpress MySQL are only 9 strings and the Size are: 36,9 KB and one post size are 3,60 kb s0 10*1000 = (10.000/3,60) = 2777,77 post i think but that is still a lot, i got 2 blogs and one bbpress on my MySQL and i only uses about 1MB and my database is 150 MB i think

    so that means i can have 10MB of topic in my forums, right?

    Yes but its anything like 9,9 or low , because the table and collumn names take also place on your MySQL space , but like ranrar said , the size is’nt important .

    and if I install 2 bbpress in my website (2bbpress ..not 2 sections).

    I should have 2 MyQsl database??? or just 1 is enough?

    Just one database is enough provided that the two bbPress installs have different values for their $bb_table_prefix settings in their config.php files.


    bb_ for one and

    bb2_ or bb_cool_ (or whatever) for the other.

    nice! thank you !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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