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Notifications/Subscriptions for participants

  • walama


    I would like all users to be able to receive a notification about new posts. I have looked at one daily digest plugin, however, I cannot customize the message. This is frustrating as the email as implemented is grammatically incorrect. Additionally, this plugin is not intuitive for how a user changes his or her settings as they are not made visible on the profile.

    I can see on the profile that it lists topics and forums that a user is subscribed to. However, I cannot find any method for a user to subscribe to a forum.

    My forums are new and, while we have a large for us community — about 50 users created in the last week – without the ability to have a notification that the forums are updated we are not getting users to consistently return to check for updates. Our users are young and used to push notifications when there is a change.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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