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Not all subscribers are receiving email notifications

  • laetee


    I’m reading mixed complaints within our forum from those who choose to subscribe to certain topics to receive emails for new replies.

    Some say they are receiving emails, some say they’re only receiving them here and there, others are not receiving them at all. I’ve also been reading that some are receiving administrative emails but not emails for new replies in topics.

    Our client’s users rely on their email notifications, unfortunately, so I’ve been in the search for a more reliable fix. Any suggestions?

    For reference, I am using the WP Mail SMTP plugin that is linked to a paid account. So, in theory, the SMTP should be letting the users receive these emails, no?

    Any tests I run on my end have been successful, using a Subscriber, Editor, and Admin user roles. I have also mentioned spam and phishing folders as well as whitelisting but users have done these things and are still experiencing issues.

    Any help in solving this would be appreciated!

    I’m currently using bbPress version 2.6.5 with the Kleo theme.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress sends out emails as a single email, with the recipients BCC’d in.

    Many sending email servers see this as spam, and block.
    Intermediate mail servers can have the same attitude (eg gmail hotmail) so cut out those they see as spam
    Client firewalls frequently have an email component that will also filter perceived spam.
    Finally receiving email clients often see bcc as spam, so put them in the junk mail.

    This could explain why some are receiving and others not – depends on their mail server and mail client !

    Basically email is a fight between trying to get valid emails tjrough and stopping spam, and computer algorithms are frankly crap at this.

    sending them asynchronously can help a lot in getting then through

    AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions



    Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, this plugin stopped ALL emails from being delivered entirely.

    Robin W


    suggest you chat with your host provider

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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