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Not all forums appearing on page

  • podcastlover


    I’m building a site to discuss podcasts. www.

    I have built a forum for each of the podcasts I want to have discussed on my site, there are 124 currently.

    However, on my list of forums, I only see 60 of them listed.

    The permalinks to the non appearing forums work.

    I am wondering how I can get all of them to appear on the forum list.

    A trick to Alphabetize them would be awesome too :)

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  • Seconding the alphabetic part.

    We have a lot of forums/sub-forums that are alphabetized and it’s a pain to add a new one somewhere in the middle of the list. I wish there was an option to change the default sort order. Or that I knew what change to make in the code so it would do so.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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