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Not able to use Private or Hidden forums for membership site?

  • Miniflowers


    Hi, we have a site that is public. We also have a forum for registered members only that we’d like hidden from the public, but obviously accessible only when members are logged in. From what I’ve researched online, there are no active plugins that enable the “hidden forums” option in bbpress to actually work.

    Has anyone found a workaround? If not, does this mean the hidden function is broken and the only option we have for the forum is to make it public?


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  • PurnimaGore


    Hi. Am having a similar issue. I have a site with Buddypress. I have created hidden forums which work when not logged in. When logged in as an administrator, I can see the list of forums and topics, but when I create a new user (Contributor Level), they cannot see the forums. I don’t want to make everyone an admin. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

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    > Visibility: decide whether your forum is public, private or hidden.

    > Public – Anyone can see these forums

    > Private – Only logged in registered users can see these forums
    > Hidden: Only Moderators/Admins can see these forums

    If you want further granular access you should use a plugin to control the access privs: or



    Except that Private doesn’t work. When it’s set to private, NO ONE can see it except the admin. Which makes the feature rather pointless. I’ve tried using the content restriction plugins but they don’t work. Well, they do but only to the extent that it works on a per page basis. So for every new topic, every new reply, restrictions have to be set. I’ve tried setting user roles, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Still waiting on a better solution…



    Can confirm. I have this same issue in 2.5.3

    Private is not working as expected.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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