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noob question how to change theme?

  • bsabiston


    So I installed the bbpress plugin, and the forum seems to work, but I want the forum to appear as white, not black. My WordPress blog, which BBpress is installed as the plugin for, is black.

    Is there not an easy way to have the forums be white and the blog black? Where/how do I change that?


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  • Lynq


    The bbPress theme is inside the plugin and inherits your wordpress themes styling.

    If you wish to change that then you need to copy the theme files out of the plugin and into your wordpress theme. The theme files are inside templates/default I believe.

    Copy them out into your wordpress theme and then edit those files to get your preferred look, good luck!



    I am a “noob” too. So, will bbPress work with ANY theme, or should I buy a theme designed for it? I know very little about editing code but I can hire someone to help me.

    I wanted to use the Sophis theme from Theme Forest but the author says he has zero experience with bbPress and he doesn’t think it will work. It is any older theme.

    Any advice?

    Thank you,




    It will most likely work with any theme, so long as its dependent plugins and functions do not conflict with the BBPress plugin.

    Most ‘simple’ themes will work with BBPress. Advance themes like e-zines and photo blogs may need some adjustment.

    Right now, I am using the Bright Pixel 1 column theme and it works perfectly with BBPress 2.2.4. However, the layout of the forum is pretty ‘fixed’ into rows. So I downloaded and used Lynq‘s Epic Invision template and it solved a part of the issue. Took me forever to figure out that BBPress 2.2.4 doesn’t support templates the way it used to.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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