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Non latin permalinks

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    Hello all,

    I face a problem and I would like your help.

    I have a buddypress/bbpress site in Greek language. So when a user creates a topic or Group the slug is in Greek language too.

    Everyone can browse the site without any problem.

    The problem occurs when someone wants to copy a url to share it (let’s say via email). The receiver of the url after clicking on it, will get a page not found error…

    This is crucial for my case as I am losing a lot of the sharing potentials.

    This issue doesn’t happen if I create a page with Greek slug (url). Everyone can copy/paste the url from the address bar and see the page without any problem.

    Any help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

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    Does anyone face the same issue or does he know any solution?



    I can confirm this issue, and I believe it to be a bug with how forum threads are looked up. Perhaps one of the team here can confirm the issue?

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a thread using greek characters
    2. Right click, and “copy link” then paste in new tab. This WORKS.
    3. Now copy the URL directly out of the address bar and paste in new tab. This DOESN’T WORK

    The difference I’m seeing is that the outputted forum URLs are encoded using lowercase a-f characters, but if you copy from the address bar (depending on browser or OS) the encoding letters are A-F uppercase.

    For example:
    ce%bf – accepted by bbPress and given the correct page
    CE%BF – goes to 404

    Normal WordPress pages can handle either just fine.

    I’ve tested this for a bit and got the same results in both Chrome and Firefox on OS X. It really looks like a bug where bbPress can’t tell the difference, or it’s not an exact match. Either way, this could be a big issue! To users, the links look exactly the same, and they can have issues sharing links.

    Thanks! Hoping to get some more feedback here.

    Best regards



    Hi again,

    Is there any solution on this? I think this is a bug of bbpress as this issue doesn’t occur in buddypress or wordpress.



    Still no luck here… We lose all the sharing potential in sharing topics via email/twitter etc because of this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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