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Non-email based notifications of replies?

  • bhkh


    I’m guessing the answer is no, but I’m wondering if anyone knows of a plugin, etc, that would give users a notification on the website that they had a reply to one of their replies. This is a fairly common feature of internet forums. From what I can tell bbPress only has the posibility for email notifications. Personally I like email, but for the project I’m working on now, they aren’t a good communication method.

    I’ve looked through the plugin repository and haven’t found anything. It seems like this is something more along the lines of BuddyPress, but I wanted to ask here before I go down that rabbit hole. I really don’t want any of the social aspects of BP, so if that was the only solution I would have to end up disabling most of the features (which would be fine if it got me what I needed).

    As an aside, I wanted to acknowledge all the folks who are continuously active on this forum and work to support the project. I imagine there is lots of traffic from users like me who are trying to get things setup for their specific project and need to make lots of requests for features that just aren’t a part of the core plugin and likely never will be. But without the support of the core forum members, there would be little success with the plugin at all. So thank you!

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