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no www. = no fresh baked cookies

  • hi guys, i downloaded the fresh baked cookies plugin to support integration with wordpress, however, if i access my site without the www. before it, i do not remain logged in.

    is this a known issue? hopefully it’s an easy fix…


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  • _ck_


    go back and read the integration 101 instructions about $bb->cookiedomain

    i followed the instructions precisely, yet when i access my forum at “” it prompts me to log in. “” welcomes me back and i’m already logged in.

    i can send you snippets of either my bb-config or wp-config file should you need it…



    Go into your wp-config.php and put the line


    then go into your bb-config.php and put the line

    $bb->cookiedomain = '';

    Make you you remove any existing versions of the lines first.

    Make sure you clear all cookies for your website.

    Then try logging in and testing again.

    tryed your advice. still nothing… i even resulted to using the other plugin to revert the cookies back to the 2.5 method and browsing with www. in front of everything worked flawless without any additional configuration. browsing without www. is still not holding onto the cookie.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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