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no WP backend interface

  • rohanduggan



    I loaded the plug-in using the backend of Word Press but no admin tools were loaded… in fact I couldnt see any mention of it anywhere other than in “active plug-ins” which said it was installed and active. Never had this problem before with other plug ins.

    I’m running WP Version 2.9.1

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  • Are you referring to this plugin? Because that is not ready yet and not supposed to be downloaded: “Don’t install this, it isn’t ready.” bbPress remains being a stand-alone package for now (which you can download from here). It is planned to become a WordPress plugin though, and John James Jacoby started the initial process of porting it to the extensions platform of WordPress.



    Sounds cool, thanks for the info. Sorry for the redundant post in that case… I thought somebody had just not updated the message assuming (and we know what they say about assumptions:)) that if the plug in was searchable via WP backend with an install button that it might be installable. My enthusiasm (desperation) for a decent BB for WP got the better of me :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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