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no-registration forum risks?

  • Toni


    I am new to this plugin and to running a forum. I am just a volunteer English teacher obsessed with WP.
    My user count will be microscopic, a handful of people. (my ESL students)
    Many of my users will not have email addresses, have not ever used PCs and do not have PCs at home – experience has shown me it is impractical to provide email initially.

    Is there an option to register users without email addresses?
    If I leave the forums open without registration – what are the potential issues, security or otherwise? If any?

    (I do not know how to set up any WP registrations anyway!)
    – WP 4.1/bbPress 2.5.4. MultiSite install.
    – I have dedicated a MultiSite subsite to bbPress.
    – I have Askimet and Conditional CAPTCHA

    Any suggestions or input about plugins, if this is a bad idea, etc. will be appreciated.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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