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no primary role is assigned

  • alimjivraj


    i’m using a multisite install and need to set 2 different types of roles for my users. when a new user registers, it sets the role to participant and nothing in the primary role.
    ex. new user registers, in my main site’s user panel (not under network admin), under the role column, it says ‘participant’. when i click to edit the user, it says ‘no role assigned’. this tells me the primary role is not being assigned, only the bbpress forum role.

    i used the ‘user role editor’ plugin to see what’s happening, and under primary role, the user has nothing (it says no role assigned). i tried unchecking the ‘auto assign role’ in bbpress settings, but then something weird happens for new registrations. no users appear in the user panel of my main site. they only appear in my network admin site.

    i’m ok if bbpress assigns a participant role for the forum, but why isn’t the primary role being assigned?

    thanks in advance!

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