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No Forum link in Header

  • Todd Lyons


    I used these instructions ( ) to try to install bbPress. Site is two days old, so all software and plugins are new (and I’ve only added BP and bbP).

    The forums work, but I can’t get a link to show in the header:

    I’ve tried many things, including:
    – Reinstalling bbPress several times
    – Deactivating bbPress so the Directories link to connect “Discussion Forums” and the Forums Page can be set, then reactivating bbPress.
    – Keeping or deleting the Forums Page (having it exist prevents forum from working)
    – Kludging, by manually creating a page with a different url (/discuss) which forwards to /forums with the url redirection meta tag.
    – Reading and re-reading the afforementioned instructions, some parts of which don’t make sense to me. e.g.: “Since you are setting up Sitewide Forums only, a) Disable (uncheck) Discussion Forums in the Settings > BuddyPress > Components panel”

    So far the ugly kludge is the only thing that provided both a link in the header and a successful load of the /forums page.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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