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No Data to Clean – No Users to Convert…

  • ZachMatthews


    Guys –

    I have been through the mother of all forum migrations in the last few days, from YaBB 2.3.1 -> YaBB 2.4 -> SMF 1.1.11 -> phpBB3.

    All to get into a format that would let me import into bbPress.

    Now that I finally have a nice clean copy of my 75k post forum in phpBB, I am getting the following when I run the bbPress converter:

    No passwords to clear
    No users to convert
    No data to clean
    Starting Conversion

    I stopped it at that point because I have read trying to re-run the converter is problematic.

    I would be SO GRATEFUL for any help. At this point I just want to get through with this…


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  • ZachMatthews


    More info:

    my host requires a jitinera_ prefex before the database name (JaguarPC and = jitinera).

    So my database is jitinera, and the actual phpbb database is _phpbb, etc.

    Here’s how I have filled out the blanks to produce the error:

    Select Platform is the previous forum software: phpBB
    Database Server IP or hostname: localhost
    Database Port Use default 3306 if unsure: 3306
    Database Name Name of the database with your old forum data: jitinera_phpbb
    Database User User for your database connection: jitinera_[user name witheld]
    Database Password Password to access the database: [password withheld]
    Table Prefix (If converting from BuddyPress Forums, use “wp_bb_” or your custom prefix): bb_

    Anyone see anything wrong with that?

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