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No bbpress themes folder?

  • Edie Sellers


    Bear with me. Very new to this.

    I just installed bbpress 2.3.2 via the plugin directory in my wp site. Works fine from what I can tell.

    I have a custom site and I want to make a few layout tweaks to my forum pages (eliminate sidebar, yadda, yadda). I am currently hosting my site locally using MAMP so I can blow things up with impunity. Don’t know if that matters, but I’m putting it out there.

    Here’s the deal: I made a child directory on my theme and the many step-by-steps said I have to put it in my plugins > bbpress > themes folder.

    I go there and SURPRISE! No themes folder.

    Am I missing something?

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  • John James Jacoby


    Not sure where you’re getting your info, but it’s not correct. 🙂

    bbPress uses your existing WordPress theme, and allows you to customize the individual templates as you see fit. You can copy the template files you want to customize out of:
    and drop them in…
    where YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME is the name of the currently active theme on your site.

    Then start editing them, and you should see your edits come through.

    Edie Sellers


    That’s the thing.

    I go to wp-content/plugins/bbpress…

    And there’s no “templates” file. So can’t really copy anything from templates as… it doesn’t exist.

    Edie Sellers


    Additionally, inside:

    wp-content/themes/myActiveTheme/… There is no “bbpress” file. So I’m not really sure where bbpress is pulling it’s theme from. If I did, I could copy that theme and drop it into the myActiveTheme file. But until I figure out where it’s getting its information, I’m kinda stuck digging around.

    Edie Sellers


    Oh wait. Brain fart. I found it. Sorry for the last two posts. It was kinda hidden.

    No, more like I’m a moron.


    Edie Sellers


    Okay, but I thought in order to remove the sidebar from your forum (i.e.: a full-page forum) you need to be working in “themes” not “templates.”

    Let me be more to the point. I have a website with a custom WP theme, (

    I want to intgrate bbPress forums under the tab “Forum.” I want the bbPress forums to be full-screen without the sidebars, but of course I want to keep the sidebar in the rest of my site.

    After a LOT of reading… including your wonderful thread that says Never Modify bbPress core files, I built a child theme and activated it.

    But when I go to where says to in order to put my bbPress theme into my child-theme file, there is no “themes” folder.

    I do have a “templates” folder, but it doesn’t seem to have any information for themes where it instructs to “get sidebar,” which from what I read is the thing that I want to “//”.

    Does this make sense at all? Again, apologies for being kind of numbskully about this. I’m really just hacking around in the dark and learning as I go.



    Here is my setup.

    Main Theme

    bbPress theme files

    If you visit your theme directory, like Main Theme above and there is not a bbPress folder, then you need to copy them out of the bbPress plugin and into your theme folder.

    Get that done first, then we can go from there.

    Good luck!

    Edie Sellers


    Okay. I created a child theme for my custom theme, and copied all the .php files for bbpress into a new folder titled “bbpress” into the child theme folder.




    @johnjamesjacoby I believe this link is the source of the problem… I think if this page is updated to be made current, it will solve a lot of confusion.



    i’m in the same situation – and i’ve yet to find a post that explains how to remove the sidebar correctly.

    JJJ, could you write a post that explains how to do that – in an idiot proof format?


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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