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no bbpress message after creating topic or reply

  • webbud65


    WP 4.9 – bbpress 2.5.14 – no link because private site


    By default, bbpress does not send any message to the user when he creates a topic or a reply, which is a malfunction, because if the message must wait moderation it does not appear right away and the user sometimes repost it many time.
    I am not talking about email notification to the user but a message directly on the site announcing that the message has been taken into account and that it is pending moderation.
    I have tried the various existing plugins (bbpress moderation, bbpress notify, etc) but none do that.
    I also modified the form-topic and form-reply files of bbpress for a redirection to an information page, but unfortunately only the modification of the form-topic works.

    Is not a flaw on bbpress that should be fixed in future versions (but I’m surprised that this minimum has not been expected since!) Or someone has a solution?

    Thank you for your comeback !

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  • Editor Mike



    Every now and then due to my spam settings, some topics and replies do not get published and await moderation approval.

    However neither the poster or the moderator is aware.
    The poster as you note will sometimes try to re-post many times.
    The moderator does not get an e-mail to say there is a comment in need of moderation.

    I agree that features like this would be very useful.

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