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No ajax on replies

  • This is sort of a minor thing, but I notice that replies at my forum arent popping up ajaxy, the page reloads. Post deletes and tags ajax fine. Ideas why this might be?

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  • I think this is default. I’d personally love a plugin that ajaxified posts or, even better, it being in by default but not yet.

    Replies here are ajax, any idea how to get it to work?

    Edit…or maybe not? I guess it just loads fast…

    They used to be ajaxed… or was that wordpress?? well ajexing this would be great to have as default!!

    Any bbpress programmer who wants to comment this?

    Also editing could be made ajaxed… :D

    What confused me I suppose is that post deletion and tag creation is ajax, so it seems natural that posts should be to. Is there reason they’re not?

    Ya it doesn’t make sense that it’s ajax enabled on this forum but not the release.

    EDIT: It’s because I’m using a custom template and it doesn’t include the JS files.

    EDIT 2: Still can’t get it to work.

    I don’t think it’s AJAX here.

    Firebug does not detect any GET or POST requests, and said that the page loaded in 453 ms – with FF having the stylesheet and probably images in cache, and the extremely fast server this is on, it might seem like it’s AJAXed but I don’t think it is.

    I am sure it used to be AJAXed. It was one of the cool things I liked about this forum (beta in that time).

    So plz bring it back or add it again. It is a big PLUS on all other forums.

    Or shall we trac this?



    It’s fairly straightforward to look backwards on trac and see if it ever really was ajaxed. Post deletions and favorite additions are ajaxed but I’ve not noticed anything else. Kind of a waste for the huge javascripts that are loaded.

    Got proof it had ajax posting….

    From the automattic site:

    All the features you need—like tags, AJAX posting, categorization, modular user system—and nothing you don’t.

    We want it back :D



    Looks like it happened around r406 to address trac ticket 425? (the last place I can find topic-ajax.php is r384):

    09/22/06 20:47:15 changed by mdawaffe

    * status changed from assigned to closed.
    * resolution set to wontfix.

    We're not even ajax posting anymore.
    Should revisit this if we ever go back.



    One thing that’s probably holding that back and bugs me in that templates are not re-used in bbpress, is for example how post-form and edit-form should be integrated with maybe one or two conditional statements if necessary.

    I guess ajax post deletes are a lot easier than ajax posting/editing.

    Then there is the code block in front-page, forum.php & view.php which shows sub-forums, stickeys and posts. It’s virtually identical in each template but if you want to change one, you got to go to all three and change them in each place, the exact same code. It should be a sub-template, which of course I could hack in on my own but should be part of the core. Change it in one place, changes everywhere you see it.

    Well made a ticked of this :)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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