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No Admin notification of new user

  • michaelklasno


    I have a bbpress installed and working but I don’t get new user notifications. This is a stand alone application.

    Any help?


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  • chrishajer


    There is no admin notification of new registrations by default. Sounds like it could be done with a plugin.



    Wow I can’t believe bbPress doesn’t do that.

    I’ve whipped up a function to do it, should be in the plugin browser soon or try this:

    Plugin Name: New User Notification Email
    add_action('bb_new_user', 'new_user_notification');

    function new_user_notification($user_id=0) {
    if (!$user_id) {$user_id=bb_get_current_user_info( 'id' );}

    $message = sprintf(__('New user registration on %s:'), bb_get_option('name')) . "rnrn";
    $message .= sprintf(__('Username: %s'), stripslashes($user->user_login)) . "rnrn";
    $message .= sprintf(__('E-mail: %s'), stripslashes($user->user_email)) . "rnrn";

    $message .= sprintf(__('Agent: %s'), substr(stripslashes($_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"]),0,80)) . "rnrn";
    $message .= sprintf(__('IP: %s'), $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) . "rnrn";

    $message .= sprintf(__('Profile: %s'), get_user_profile_link($user_id)) . "rnrn";

    @bb_mail(bb_get_option('admin_email') , sprintf(__('[%s] New User Registration'), bb_get_option('name')), $message, '' );

    As long as this has a checkbox to turn on and off! I don’t know if I could handle getting notified if I had 1000 registrations a day, but is nice on a site with just a few registrations! Thanks _ck_ !




    It’s a formal plugin now:

    There’s probably only a handful of bbPress sites in existence that get more than a dozen registrations per day right now but they don’t want to put it in the core, so that’s fine. Simply deactivate it if getting too many emails. Then there’s gmail which can keep track of all of the registration threads as a single thread.

    (When the backpress integration is more complete I suspect this will then be in the core with the WordPress functions which has had it for years now, even on the biggest sites)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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