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No access to the sub-forums of Buddypress groups forums for group members

  • aurelienpierre


    Hi !

    I have BuddyPress + bbPress installed together.

    I have a BuddyPress private group which have a private forum and several private sub-forums. The problem I have is regular members (with participant permissions) can’t access to the sub-forums of the group forum because it takes moderator permissions to see private topics and replies. And sub-forums are not mapped with the group.

    All I want to do is a read-only/read-write forum : non members of the group can see the forum, sub-forums, topics, and replies, but only members can post replies and topics. I have looked for a plugin or a hack for 5 days, no solution.

    As a quick fix, I set the sub-forums as public, but now everyone can post a topic and a reply, which is bad.

    I also tried to give to participants read permissions on private topics, it worked on other private forums, but not on the group sub-forums.

    I tested almost all memberships/roles/capabilities plugins available nowadays for the latest WP… I even took a look on bbpress and buddypress hooks but their documentation are still uncomplete for developpers.

    So please, have you some hints ?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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