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Nissan Cube Owners Club Forum – customised, ex-phpbb forum


    After getting progressively more annoyed at the amount of spam on our previous forum that ran on PhpBB and also finding out how frustrating it was to customise the look of it I decided to give bbpress a go.

    I’ve already built a few WordPress powered website so was already impressed by how it was built and how easy and intuitive it is to customise and extend so bbpress seemed like a perfect direction to take the new forum.

    It was very important that we kept all of the content and user base from the old PhpBB forum so I was delighted when I found a script on here to convert the PhpBB database into the new bbpress forum. The script wasn’t perfect though so after a bit of tweaking over 2 evenings I finally got it into a good state. There are still a few issues with broken links, images and smilies but slowly it’s being edited.

    I’ve installed quite a few plugins and have customised the look with a custom theme.

    Overall really impressed with bbpress and am even about to suggest it to a client. I hope it gains more traction as it’s a great platform compared to the other alternatives out there.

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  • I echo the above comments – am transferring a phpbb forum to bbpress at the moment and it’s so refreshing!

    I just thought I’d let you know that I’m made quite a few visual and functionality changes to the forum since posting this so if anyone is interested, take a look –



    I’m really not a fan of the colours and layout, but I love that you’ve done so much with it and have a thriving community. From what I can see, signatures and image posting are working really well for you as have Avatars etc.

    While my personal taste preffers your Kate Humble forums, its great to see you and your forums doing so well!

    Keep us notified of any changes you make too, and well done :)

    Thanks for the constructive crit :)

    Yeah it’s going really well.

    Those Cube cars are cool, and I like your custom forums. Speaking of moving from PHPBB did you import your old database into the bbpress database?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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