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  • I’ve been battling with wordpress to get bbPress and buddypress to work on them by wordpress bbpress team…

    and nothing works as you would expect.

    I’m using the BuddyPress Default 1.5.2 theme which gets the most part of BuddyPress working.. them I try to install the site wide forum option (inside the BuddyPress Menu) and nothing works.

    I get a messages that your current them doesn’t support the templates needed by bbPress… so I install the BuddyPress Template Pack and do the manual movement of files because it can’t copy them.

    I still get the message “Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress.”

    only problem is that nothing is shown in the forums.

    see for yourself at

    can anyone “clearly tell me what I should do”… I’m amazed that the people that create wordpress can mess up so much with bbPress and BuddyPress


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