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Nicer permalinks plugin messes up the forum sitemap

  • Ricardo


    Hi everyone!

    I´ve just installed bbpress and the nicer permalink pluggin (, it works but it kind of messes up the sitemap, ive tried 2 sitemap pluggins and same result

    for example the topic url is:


    but the sitemap url is:

    mydomain/forum//mytopic.html (double // before the individual topic permalink)

    Can anyone tell me if im doing something wrong or check if its the pluggin fault?

    i deactivated the nicer permalink plugin, added a dummy post to refresh the sitemap and voilá the url is correct without “//”, i guess its the pluggin fault here.

    think i might have found something in the nice-filters.php file, altough im no expert it seems the error comes from here, but i think its a fix from someone, so removing the “/” will break something..

    function get_forum_nicer_link( $link ) {

    global $bb;

    // Remove redundant "forum" word from forum link and append '/'. Mandatory! Props: Mohta

    return str_replace( $bb->uri . 'forum/', $bb->uri, $link ) . '/';

    heres my forum (test) url:

    and my sitemap url:

    Thank you

    Original post started here: (someone should take a look at the registrations here as i’ve been unable to register, so far i tried 3 times until CK told me i could use the forums account over here)

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