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Newly imported from phpbb – latest post problem

  • pimark


    Pretty strange one imho. I’ve been working on porting an existing site from phpbb
    over to wordpress/bbpress. While going through a final test of the port I’ve come across the following problem. Namely when in forums where you can see the latest post (along side the forum name), the name of the latest post plus its time/date are totally incorrect, however the url actually links to the correct latest post.

    See: to see.

    I’ve retried all the usual recalculates etc… I have tested the port in the past and didn’t have this issue. Can anyone advise or at worst provide me with a sql updates statement to correct?

    I don’t want to do the port for real if I’m going to run into this again. Tbh I do find that the import from phpbb can be a tad bit flaky at time…


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