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Newbie trying to get a theme to work

  • Hi, I successfully installed BBPress 2.0.2 to my wordpress site using the plugin. I got the forum to work, however, I’m trying to change the theme and I don’t know how. The default BBPress Twenty Ten theme isn’t working, it says it’s broken, maybe that’s because I’m using XAMPP and localhost? In addition, in my wordpress dashboard, it says Theme is using default bbPress styling, but there is no option THERE to change it. Rather, I was trying to change it in the Appearance tab, but no matter what I did i could not get one of the themes I wanted to show up in that tab.

    I want to be able to use themes from , are these outdated or can I still use them? I’m not exactly sure if my file structure is right, is the base directory for bbpress xampphtdocsmy site namewordpresswp-contentpluginsbbpress ? And do I need to learn how to make child themes? I just want to be able to use the really nice themes from the above site on mine. Thank you kindly for any help.

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  • Valen2258


    I would also like to know how I can migrate my forum from localhost over to my wordpress site. It’s the 2.02 plugin version of BBPress, and it only has a few categories and topics, but I need to know this information for a presentation I am giving in my class in a few weeks.

    As for the themes, I have a heavily modified wordpress theme now, and I can see how to edit the bbpress files manually, but i will try to do it using the showcase at the site above… if it’s possible.

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