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Newbie – replies with no topic

  • Deleyna


    Okay, I broke it.

    I imported a phpbb forum into bbpress. Nice. We had a number of older threads with a post at the beginning and a bunch of replies. I used a conversion tool to convert the topics to posts — so the initial topic of each thread is now converted to a post.

    For this site, this was powerful good. Magic. Yay…

    Except that now the users wonder what happened to all of those replies. We’re using a plugin that uses bbpress to integrate the comments on the posts…so, now having their cake, they want to eat it, too.

    I can see in the back end that the replies are still all there. I’ve picked at a couple and moved and merged and fiddled and got them where I wanted them. Generated a mismatch warning at one point, but it all connected back up.

    But the process is insanely slow.

    I used the auto-create to create new topics in the forum for each of the posts (converted topics). So each of the ones I converted to a post now HAS a master topic in the forum, but the replies aren’t attached.

    They aren’t visible on the front end, either.

    In retrospect, this was pretty stupid. Looking at about 800 replies. My current workflow takes me around 15 minutes to reattach one. Not going to happen.


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