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Newbie Questions

  • thetoolman123


    Hello there,

    I am new to bbpress and have some questions I would like to ask.

    A little about the website I will be creating:
    I am wanting to build a local forum for my town in which users can discuss anything related to the town, post jobs, events and advertise their businesses.

    The community will mainly be free, but wondered if there are any plugins that allow me to charge users to post a thread in specific forums? I’m guessing there might be some sort of membership level plugin? If so, would the membership work on a per month basis, or per post basis?

    Another idea I have is to create some sort of points system in which users gain.lose points on new threads, posts etc and then redeem these points or credits for physical goodies?

    Also, in terms of themes, are there themes available for bbpress or would I need to design on top of the core installation?

    I am very new, so will probably be needing a lot of help, but excited about building my community website 🙂


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