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(newbie Q) – how do I restrict access to my forums?

  • Hello, thanks in advance for your help.

    I’ve just installed bbpress to my site and I have created three forums that I would like to use for different purposes as listed below:

    1) open access – no log in required, existing posts can be seen by anyone. New posts are moderated and have to be approved by me (admin).

    2) members only – users have to register themselves and have their registration approved by me before they can read topics in this forum. When I have done that they can log in and read/post to this forum without moderation.

    3) super-users only – I have to manually set up each user, after which they can log in and read or post to this forum without moderation. Existing posts can only be seen by members of this ‘super user’ group.

    The users for forum (3) would be a subset of forum (2) – all members of (3) can post to (2) but not vice versa.

    Hope this makes sense!


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