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Newbie needs help installing

  • Well, I’d like to install this in a directory rather than a subdomain. The installation says I need to upload the files to my server but where do I upload them to on the server? It says that once I do, I should enter the URL of the intended space and the installation should proceed.

    Being a self-hosted WordPress site, I created a new page and that’s in it’s own directory, so where would i go from here to upload the files to that particular directory?

    Okay I’m pretty sure there are some fundamental misunderstandings I seem to have developed. I’m very new to hosting my own website so please be a little patient.

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  • Ok. You need to use FPT to go to the location where you have wordpress installed. There you upload the files and rename the folder bbpress to whatever you want to call it.

    If you are having trouble with this. Please email me, rohan [at] and I shall help you by installing it for you.

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