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Newbie help needed White Text on white Forum Display page help

  • Elliswin


    Hi there everyone, I have installed bbpress on my wp site, I installed Version 2.2.4 and the version of my WP is 3.5.1 the theme im using is reviewit. my website is

    I am testing the bbpress forum at the moment but ive not made pages public yet, I’m ok with creating forums and topics and all is well whilst editing these elements, however when it comes to reading the posts/forums I get a white background to the posts and the and forum menu areas with the text in posts being white, and most of the text in the menus white too, I have looked everywhere but cant find a setting to change this, can someone please help me out, I have mingle forum up and running of the site at present and the only reason I am changing is because I want the users to integrate into my forum and not have to add them manually.

    Im running a competition on my site at present that relies on the forum so I was hoping to migrate this one over to the forum but I just need to solve this issue and im away.

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