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newbie css customisation

  • walkingisoverrated


    hey guys,

    i have little coding experience, i could do a fair pimp of my myspace page but that’s about it – this php stuff is all new to me. I’ve just installed bbpress as a subdirectory of my wordpress blog, and I want to do something really simple: I want to change the color of the rollovers when you mouse over the forum topic. On this guide I read, it said to change this line:

    #latest tr:hover, #forumlist tr:hover, #favorites tr:hover { background: #330099; }

    (specifically, the ‘background’ tag), but as you can see, although I’ve entered in a bright color and re-uploaded the style.css file, it remains a vague greyish sorta color.. where am I going wrong here?

    Thanks in advance folks..

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  • This may seem INCREDIBLY simple- but did you clear your browser’s cache? Often CSS files are stored by your browser, so when you change them, the changes don’t show even if you hit refresh unless the browser cache is emptied.



    Yeah I’m an idiot. I’m using Safari so there’s no such thing as ctrl+shift+F5, so I felt like a right idiot when I clicked as to what I was doing wrong. I just presumed it was my ineptitude lol.. Thanks for the reply :)

    No worries! I’ve done it a million times myself and I do it for a living- you live and learn. ;)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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