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New users overwrites existing after integration

  • Last night and this morning and the whole day, I’ve been busy trying to figure out where new users where going.

    After the integration I noticed that all users where showing ‘anonymous’, I did some reading and I discovered that it was possible that it wasn’t reading the appropiate database.

    But I checked and checked, and I know that it IS reading the appropiate database, since the admin account is ONLY available in the wp_users table. I have been able to login with it, in both my bbpress area and my wp area.

    My existing accounts, I couldn’t login with that. I kept getting User does not exist.

    I created new accounts to see where those went. I couldn’t find them.

    I just realized that the new accounts, they replaced random old accounts. But just the USER_NICENAME in the forum, if I check my database, I still the original name corresponding the account ID.

    To summarize it:

    Integrated wp + bbpress. It was an existing bbpress website.

    Integrating went kind of OK. after the integration, I noticed its not reading the users, hence the ‘user does not exist’, all users are showing anonymous.

    I really really would love it, if someone could help me out :(


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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