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New user getting started just need to check I ma not missing something

  • Hi

    Just starting out with bbpress and wanted to check my steps are right.

    I have wordpress site (well my sons) and I have installed the bbpress 2 plugin.

    Activated it

    Created a forum

    Added a topic

    I then created a new used set as a Forum Participant.

    I then login in with this user on another machine.

    went to and I can see the summary with forum name, topics, replies etc

    When I click on the forum name it states Oh bother! no topics were found.

    If I give this user moderator role I can then see the posts.

    The forum is set to public.

    Am I missing someting so obvious it will hurt.

    I would like to eventually use the forum for a small group to be able to discuss without the whole world being able to see it unless they have a username and password. The users can read topics add topics and reply to them, but not be able to delete them via dashboard.

    I absolutly love WordPress nad this hopefully will do the job.

    Any advice and help very much appreciated



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