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New Topic Form Shortcode Issue

  • ThePopularizer


    I’m trying to implement a “Quick Post” box using the New Topic Form shortcode, [bbp-topic-form], but it seems non-admin users cannot post using the form (it says, “You cannot create new topics at this time.”). The same users can post a topic by actually going into the forums, so I’m wondering what the issue might be.

    The website URL:

    It’s a subdomain installation of a multi-site network (, which in turn is part of a multi-network installation (using the ‘networks for wordpress’ plugin).

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  • Hi Mohi,
    You would have to detail a bit more when it does not work. What is the page where you want to use it, is it for all the role or is there a difference between keymaster and participant, … ?



    Hi Casipea,

    I have one button “New Topic” When I click on that I open new page which is added from pages admin section in that page only shortcode added “[bbp-topic-form]” . and this page only for paticipants.
    Sometimes new topic added successfully sometimes not mostly not added

    And on other page where we listing all topics and at bottom there is one form for new topic add.
    From this new topic is not going to add sometimes added.
    Wordpress : 4.3.1
    BBPress: bbPress 2.5.8-5815.

    If you say sometimes yes and sometimes no, there must be a difference somewhere.
    If this happens to the same user, and you have added the above function correctly then I really have no idea where to start looking, sorry.
    Hopefully somebody else has an idea.

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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