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  • ant01


    I am helping someone set up a website and was looking for a plugin where clients can register so he can use social networking and other tools to promote his business. I been looking at plugins like WP-Members and Events Manager to set up his site. I normally use Weaver II as I am familiar with it. I been playing around with BuddyPress and it looks interesting but I finding help and getting started very confusing and taking a lot of time. Can someone direct me how to get started with buddypress and also if it can do what I want. Can I use Weaver II otherwise which theme would you recommend to get started. Thanks

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  • Stephen Edgar


    This is for bbPress, for BuddyPress head on over to where you can read about BuddyPress features.

    Also have a read of the BuddyPress forums where no doubt many others have asked the same questions you are asking and if you have further questions you can post on the forums there.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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