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New to bbpress and having issues with forums

  • sallysqueak



    Having never used bbpress before and being relatively new to wordpress, I’m struggling to get the forums on my site up and running.

    Having spent 3 hours today just looking for the ‘forums’ tab, I eventually worked out that the reason I couldn’t find it was because in the latest version of buddypress (or bbpress?) there is no ‘forums’ tab – it is named ‘Groups’ instead! It seems the documentation on here is outdated and this has caused me no end of agro today aggggh!

    Now I finally worked that out, and the forums option magically somehow appeared in my individual ‘groups’, I’m now unable to make a post in any groups, even when logged in as a keymaster!

    Can anyone help me with this? I don’t even know where to find up to date documentation for this plugin now, everything I’ve read is outdated and has confused me. Can anyone point me in the direction of a place to find documentation for bbpress 2.5.1, when running with buddypress 1.8.1 on wordpress 3.7.1? Or just help me to get these forums useable!

    Also, is there a way to allow forum users to add photos to their posts?


    Sally – website

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