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New Theme – Need Theme Name

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  • bbpressfriend


    Try “EricBarnes”! Nice and clean Theme…! :)



    I am 99% certain all the good theme names are already taken, at least for WordPress. I say look out the window and find some inspiration and name the theme something not too literal.

    BTW, the theme looks nice.

    This theme looks great and excellent.

    Please provide us the theme files

    Whao!!! Its Clean-side theme (clean with sliding panel)or you can say it snowski

    I am liking snowski. Thanks for that.

    The theme will be released freely once I get it finished up.

    i like it. when will you upload it?!

    I installed your theme on my forum,

    In local host it’s working fine. in the web it’s not working. No css is applied.

    Maybe try to upload the files again. You can also use something like firebug to check the paths and possibly track down why a style is not applied.

    The slider won’t open for me.

    Firebug states:

    $("#open") is undefined
    anonymous() slide.js (line 4)
    anonymous() jquery-1....2.min.js (line 19)
    anonymous([function(), function()], function(), Object name=F) jquery-1....2.min.js (line 12)
    anonymous() jquery-1....2.min.js (line 19)
    anonymous() jquery-1....2.min.js (line 19)
    [Break on this error] $("#open").click(function(){n slide.js (line 4)

    The forum url is if you would like to take a look

    I just tried it on your site and didn’t have any problems. Did you get it sorted?

    I believe there is some problem with . The slider in snowski functions properly when I disable it. It was the only thing I did yesterday and the slider didn’t open right after disabling the plug in, so I first thought it wouldn’t be the reason. Would it be possible to investigate the issue or could you recommend a replacement for bb-lightbox2?

    Thank you very much for your fast reply and your effort and time

    Can you open the slide.js that comes with the theme and replace all the contents with this:



    // Expand Panel


    // Collapse Panel

    // Switch buttons from "Log In | Register" to "Close Panel" on click
    $("#toggle a").click(function () {
    $("#toggle a").toggle();




    Nice, that sliding login panel I saw on a site a while back… I thought about implementing it on my site. It’s nice, good job!

    Your fix works, thank you very much and sorry for taking so long to apply it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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