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New template for bbPress 2.0B3 Plugin

  • Hey all –

    I’m hoping I’m just missing something here, but I’m trying to create a new template (to match a WordPress theme I’m working on). I’ve created a folder within the bbp-themes folder, and added a stylesheet and one file (I’m just testing it right now to get a feel for how the theming system works): page-front-forums.php.

    The thing is, when I do this, ALL of my themes in the WordPress back end (under appearance > themes), save the twenty Ten (default WP theme and the bbPress version) go away. ALL of them. Now, the current theme is still working on the front end of the site, but on the back end, there’s no themes at all – they are all gone.

    So can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? Am I putting the bbPress theme files in the wrong place? Or is this some kind of bug?

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  • Okay – spam reply above is… not helping. (and really has nothing to do with the price of eggs in China…)

    But anyway.

    I suppose I should RTFM, no? I just saw the sticky post on this subject, and I fall under the category of “ur doin it rong.”

    In case anyone else needs to know, when you create a child theme, it goes in your themes directory, not as a subfolder in the WordPress parent theme. Duh.

    More coffee in the morning would be a good habit for me to take up.

    did you understand how template files are called? the index page of the forum is front-page.php?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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