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New Posts not showing up

  • Sorry if this has been dealt with, but I’ve searched the forums for this and haven’t found anything. I’m pretty sure this is not a bozo issue.

    Using bbPress 0.8.1 with WordPress 2.1

    Just installed not long ago and am testing now…

    I am able to add forums with no problem.

    But, when I add a new post to a given forum, it appears to save (it does in fact, as I checked the db table). However, it doesn’t show up in the forum post counts on the front page, and unless I navigate back to the form where I added the post, I lose it completely.

    I’ve tried subscribing to a new post that I just saved, and I get the message “Something strange happened, please try refreshing”. I do refresh, and the message goes away, but nothing else happens, and the post is still lost in limbo.

    Any tags attached to the post do show up correctly –it’s just the post itself that is gone.

    Thanks for any help!


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  • Oh crap! Me feel silly…

    Soon after posting this I realized that Akismet was holding them as spam…what the heck?! Shouldn’t an admin at least be considered a non-spammer?

    I’m sure i’ll find the answer somewhere but feel free to post any further comments.


    What makes you sure it’s not a bozo issue? Sounds exactly like one to me. If it is, the fix is here.

    If you’ve got good reason to think it’s not a bozo issue, sorry. 😡

    Uh, thanks…but, on my second post above I stated my idiocy in realizing that is was in fact, an Akismet spam issue.



    I could have sworn there was a trac ticket for this (whitelisting admin or keymaster, or trusted users), but I can’t find it now. I did find this relevant post in the forum:

    Thanks for the lead- that will help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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