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New posts freezing

  • deborahdavidson


    Hello! This is from a client of mine today:

    “When I post on the forum the screen freezes with no notification of a successful posting but when I log in via another tab it is visible. There have also been a couple of duplicated posts made by other members.”

    Has anyone else come across this?

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  • Mike Witt


    If they are using WP 5.6.1 and posting in text mode, I wonder if it could be the same thing I’m seeing here:

    WordPress 5.6.1 bug affects forum text editing mode?

    Robin W


    @mike80222 Mike – saw that thread, but buried in paid work at the mo – but what are you using to show the visual part -some code, a plugin (maybe bbp style pack) or something else?

    Mike Witt


    Hi @robin-w,

    Just bbPress. It’s my MemberPress, bbPress, BuddyPress “test site.” We generally don’t upgrade anything until testing it here first. I’m not upgrading WordPress on our real sites because of the editing bug. I do everything in text mode!

    If seems like (with WP 5.6.1) when you start editing a post in text mode, there’s no echo. If you switch to visual, the text is there. Some other weird thing seem to happen, but those are hard to pin down.

    AFAICT I don’t have any other plugins that should be involved.

    NOTE: FOR ME THIS ONLY HAPPENS ON MOBILE DEVICES, but I don’t really know if it’s mobile vs desktop or one browser vs another. I’ve read that the basic WP bug is browser dependent.

    From my perspective, it’s just one of the reasons that I’m not updating WP, so it’s not big deal in itself, but I am curious that (if I’m really seeing what I think I am) that it’s not been reported more!

    Robin W


    @mike80222 – I’m trying to find time to think about this, but in the meantime 2 thoughts

    1. the default for 5.6 issues is to install

    Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

    2. bbpress only has a text editor as standard in front end , so how are you doing the visual editor you are switching to?

    Mike Witt



    > I’m trying to find time to think about this

    I wouldn’t put any more effort into it if no one else is seeing it. As I say, I’m not updating WP anyway.

    > Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

    I could be wrong, but I think the text editing bug is a separate thing and unique to 5.6.1.

    > bbpress only has a text editor as standard in front end

    This is how I’m enabling what I was calling the “visual” editor:

    function bbp_enable_visual_editor( $args = array() ) {
    $args[‘tinymce’] = true;
    return $args;
    add_filter(‘bbp_after_get_the_content_parse_args’, ‘bbp_enable_visual_editor’);

    It’s quite possible that I’m doing something I don’t realize. As I say, I think by now there would be numerous reports if this was a general problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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