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New Installation Problem

  • I am a newbie please bare with me. I tried to install version

    I cannot get those plugins working.

    The first one i started with is “allow images”. Readme instructs me to put the “all image file. php” under “my-plugins” directory. I only have “pp-plugins” directory, so i created “my-plugins” directory and put that file under. But i cannot get it working.

    Can anyone tell me what should i do?

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  • chrishajer


    Create the directory/folder called “my-plugins” right at the same level as bb-plugins. You can also create a folder called “my-templates” at the same time. You might need that.

    Then, put your plugins in the my-plugins folder and activate the plugin in the bbPress admin.

    Does the plugin show up in the bbPress admin? If it does, can you activate it, or does it error out? If it errors out, what’s the error?

    If it shows up there and you can activate it fine, then how are you trying to use it?

    Thank you chrishajer for your quick post.

    actually after i created the directory “my-plugins” and put “allow images plugin” under that directory, allow images plugin shows up there and its status is active.

    I tried to post some images as the following:

    <img src=”link” alt=”” />

    Only <img src=”link” alt=”” />

    showed up for me and there are no errors.

    This is pretty weird. I didnot see anyone else have the same problem as i encountered. Any help will be appreciated.



    What is the image link you were trying to post? And also, please post a link to your forum. Thanks.

    Thanks Chrishajer,

    This is the image link I am going to post:

    This is my forum.



    It looks like plugin is just not working at all. It’s not converting those tags to embed the image.

    I have a installation and I just downloaded the allow images plugin. I activated it. I posted your image exactly as you typed it. It shows up fine. Not sure what is going on with your forum.



    I think the important thing missing here is what the “minor errors” were. Did you happen to check the box to reveal what the errors might have been?

    The installation of bbPress looks like it went fine otherwise. How was the plugin installation? Anything abnormal?

    I make a flash demo of all the steps. Please check if i did anything wrong.




    Nice video (what tool did you use to record it?)

    What we really need though, at the end, is for you to check the box “show installation messages” to reveal the installation error messages.

    But I think the forum installed fine. I am curious about how the plugin installation went.

    Also, what are you using for a localhost server, and also, are you using a language other than English?

    Thanks Chrishajer. The software i use for the video is “Macromedia Captivate”. It is a really cool software.

    I checked the “show installation messages” and found this.

    I am not sure if this has any matter with the issue.

    All the plugin showed actived.

    I am using windows + apche + MySQL 5.0 as the local server.

    The local host OS is chinese versioned, however the web server’s OS is engligh versioned. Both have the same problem.




    “Keymaster email not sent” – I guess that’s the error on installation, maybe because the server doesn’t have an SMTP server.

    In any case, that is not creating the problem with the plugin, I don’t think. Do you have access to any server logs that might point to why this is not working? I have this installed on a LAMP server with and it’s working just fine for me. I don’t know if there’s an issue with being on a Windows server specifically. It just looks like the plugin is not working at all. It doesn’t convert the img tag to the proper display.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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