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New install wont let users update profile, says 'incorrect password'

  • Normally I can figure things out but I’m stumped on this one.

    Site is here:

    Whenever a user signs up, and attempts to update their profile. They are redirected to the top of the page where a notice says ‘user must enter their password’ and even if they DO enter their password, it says ‘incorrect password’

    I am using the latest version of both WP and bbp and I am only using ONE plugin with bbp. I have disabled it and I am still having this same problem.

    I have not tried disabling the addon plugin, and then disabling and reenabling bbp but I dont think that will make a difference?


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  • I found the answer.

    I am using CIMY extra fields and when isntalled, it removes the ability to change a user’s profile unless the password is inserted twice.

    You need to check the box saying ‘Can be empty’ in the CIMY settings panel for it to work.

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