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New install: Questions about Roles, Admin bar, shortcodes

  • I’m just getting a new site up and running and I have some setup questions.

    [1] I’ve created a page, called it ‘Register’, and put the shortcode [bbp-register] in it. When people visit the page, they can fill out their username and email address and click ‘register’, but after submitting the form there is no confirmation back to the user that anything actually happened. They simply see the form again. Is this the expected behavior?

    [2] When a user is logged in, by default their account allows the ‘Toolbar’ when viewing the site. This is handy so they can edit their profile, logout, etc…. but there are also links to create a new topic or a new reply. This takes them to the wp-admin section of the site which feels strange. Is there a way to force people to only create new topics and replies from the “front-end” of the site?

    [3] Along similar lines, people can create a ‘New Reply’ from this toolbar without even viewing a thread. What exactly are they creating a reply to?

    [4] Right now all of the forums are marked as ‘Closed’. When viewing the site from the homepage everything looks good and users cannot create topics, replies, etc. However if they use the toolbar to go into the wp-admin section they can create new topics there. Is this a bug? Since all forums are ‘Closed’ the topic doesn’t get assigned a forum and doesn’t appear on the main site, but it is still there with “(No Forum)” assigned.

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  • Any help for any of these questions?



    #1 yeah, that’s kinda how it works right now. It’s in need of some love.

    #2 removes ability for users to post bbPress content in admin area.

    #3 When doing it that way, there is a forum and topic selection dropdown on the right hand side above where you publish the post. The idea being that a user can select the forum and topic right there.

    I really think that is more just a quick way for an admin to post a reply, though I can’t see why I would ever use it myself.

    #4 probably a bug.

    There are also plenty of code snippets online in order to completely remove the admin bar or remove menu’s from the bar if you want. Pretty much just decide what you want to do and check google for the code snippets or plugins.

    Thank you very much, that is very helpful.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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