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New Install – New Database?

  • I have WP installed already and running. I would like to try out bbPress.

    Do I have to create a new database for bbPress?


    Do I refer to the wp database in the config.php?

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  • If u want to integrate your wp with bbpress then u should use the same database. But if u dont want, having new database also ok :)



    1. No, you can use the same database and that’s actually preferred if you want to integrate things with WordPress in the future.

    2. Yes, look inside the config.php and you will see the lines for WordPress integration.

    Please read here for more:

    Great. I got it *almost* working.

    When I click on any topic or forum I end up with a file not found.

    also in Users -> Find -> edit I also end up with a file not found error.

    I check the urls and they are referring to a couple of directories that don’t exist. Those are /profile and /forum.

    it seem to me u set $bb->mod_rewrite = true; Follow the instruction here and u will be fine

    That was it. Thanks!

    Heck.. I thought I was enabling something *pretty*. Darned that it disabled all of those features.

    I am having the same problem. I muddled through installing bbpress into my MAMP installation on OS X, wanting to play around with the forum locally. I can see the forum, but clicking on links returns a Not Found error. bbpress can’t find the Profile, Topic, Forum, or View directory. It seems Atsutane’s advice suggests I create a new file called htaccess in the root directory of bbpress. I am unclear on how to proceed, not being much of a coder. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Never mind. I just did it, & it worked! I may not know what I am doing, but at least I can follow instructions:)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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