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New bbPress/WP Problems (forums converted from phpBB)

  • First off, I would like to say hello this community. I have been a long time supporter of WordPress, and just recently started looking into bbPress. I am very impressed with the software so far, but would like to get a couple kinks ironed out.

    I run my own gaming community at The main page is running off of the most recent version of WordPress. Our forums used to be PHPBB and a backup of them is at Our new forums are running off of the most recent version of bbPress and are located at

    I converted our phpBB3 forums to bbPress (thanks to but I must have done something wrong since no one’s password worked. It wasn’t a big deal since the community doesn’t have too many members, and they could just reset it. Then I integrated the userbase with my WordPress blog, and all of a sudden the only users I have are the ones that were in WordPress.

    All of my users are gone except for those that were in WordPress. Even then, one of them (Giraffe) has been assigned as the author of posts he never wrote. Any help as to how to get my users back and on the forums (even if they have to reset their passwords) but keep it integrated with my WordPress (so they only need one account to post on the forums and comment on the blog) would be great. If I need to just do a clean install of bbPress and try pulling over the phpBB passwords correctly this time, help would be appreciated in how to do that.

    Thank you so much.

    Edit: I would also like to say that I have access to and limited knowledge of phpMyAdmin. I can still see all my old phpbb users in the _pbb database. All my the wordpress users are in my _wp database. If I could just throw the users from one database to the other, would that force them as registered users on both wordpress and bbpress?

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  • I have the same issues.

    Converted from phpbb3 and all passwords needed to be reset. Then tried to integrate and all the members disappeared except the WP ones.

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