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new _ck_ plugins for 2010, coming soon…

  • _ck_


    Nothing exciting but here’s what’s pending and will be available soon (hopefully).

    All were designed for 0.9 but in theory should work under 1.x

    Rename User

    changes user name (user_login) across standalone or integrated (or multiple) bbPress / WordPress installs (that share a common user table)


    blocks posts based on a list of words or IP addresses (like the WordPress feature) by immediately marking them as spam

    Spam Notification

    notifies admin when a post is marked as spam by akismet

    Browser Timer

    improve your forums by learning how long it really takes for users to see your bbPress pages

    The others are just utilitarian but Browser Timer is the one I am most interested in seeing people try. It’s like asking all your visitors how fast your website is.

    It compliments bb-Benchmark but instead of breaking down page rendering time on your server, you’ll instead be able to see if your pages and server are truly up to speed for your visitors around the world. It tells you EXACTLY how long it took them to get the whole page, including images, javascript, etc. on just about any browser.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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