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Nested/threaded replies looking wonky

  • peskyoatmeal


    Hi guys,

    We seem to have an issue when nested/threaded replies are allowed. Instead of having the replies neatly appearing one under another, they seem to be squished all together. Please take a peek at the screenshot in hopes of it better explaining the issue at hand: wonky threaded/nested replied
    When threaded replies aren’t allowed, everything looks peachy fine (of course!) and the comments just fall neatly in line.

    We have heavily modified the CSS so that we could get the visuals as our client requested, however we have only noticed this issue after updating WordPress, the theme and bbPress (we’re not sure which one of the three, if any, could have been the source of the issue at hand).

    If anything has any suggestions or if you need any additional info to offer any insight, please let us know!

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

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