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Nested reply button reloads page

  • nrohit03



    I tried finding a solution to this problem on your forum for sometime now with no avail.

    1)Whenever I click the nested reply button in a forum topic, the page reloads/refreshes. Also, the reply which gets posted is not always a nested a nested reply.

    2) Even while trying to reply to the comment of a particular user, the reply box comes at the end of the thread/page/topic. It’d be good to have the reply box come under the response to which I am trying to post a nested reply to.

    I hope you guys understand my question. Desperately looking for answers. Btw, I am noob in coding so conceptwise I dunno anything.

    I am using WordPress Version 5.3.2
    BBpress plugin version 2.6.4
    Theme Used: Fabulist BY Shark Themes, version 2.0.1

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