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Need poll for version 1.02 now!

  • Marius-


    Last time I tried out BB Polls and it didnt work. Users said it were made for an older version of bbpress. Is there any poll-plugin that works for BBPress v1.02?

    My forum is growing, and I really feel the need to have polls now.

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  • chrishajer


    Have you tried Polldaddy for bbPress?

    It says compatible up to 1.0-alpha-2 but maybe it will work? If not, maybe you can find someone to fix it for you.



    If you’re looking for support for a lot of bbPress plugins, your best best is usually to stay on the 0.9 branch. 1.0 won’t have a lot of plugins supported for months, if at all…



    Downgrading is not an option.

    Then write something yourself or pay someone else to, always a solution if you need something done fast in a volunteer community

    Fernando Tellado


    I’m using BB polls in 1.0.2 and works fine 🙄



    Downgrading is not an option.

    If I could use signatures here, that would be my new one. :)

    Haha mwaterous.

    Still need a poll people!

    If you want broad plugin support, there are only three options that I’m aware of.

    * Identify which plugins you’d like, and update them to work with v 1.0+ (either try to fix it yourself, or pay the plugin developer to fix it, or maybe hire someone else).

    * Wait 3-6 months, and hope the plugin developers update their plugins as 1.0 gets more users.

    * Downgrade to 0.9

    So what’s the best poll solution right now?


    I tried BB Polls just now and it DID work for me but it’s a weak poll solution.

    Is there a fix for the polldaddy plugin, possibly?

    OKTeaRoom – Ah I’m using bbPress Polls on a number of my installs, and it works great! What features are missing for you, just out of curiosity…

    Err…embarrassing :) I just installed a bunch of other _ck_ plugs that didn’t have any setup in the dashboard and were more plug and play so I assumed that this one was, too. It’s actually quite DEEP.

    Thanks for making me look again johhiler :)

    Ah ok… yah I’ve had a great experience with the plugin! It scales nicely well too…

    Andrea Pernici


    In my bbpress the polls plugin work only for Administrator.

    I set “participate” in who can add polls but nothing showing when I login as Normal User.

    What can I do ?

    Andrea Pernici


    The problem was related to the Role Manager Plugin that don’t add participate field in the new created roles. Solved.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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