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Need individual premium posts

  • denisecontent


    I have a client with a request that seems simple but I am having a dilly of a time figuring it out.

    They want to be able to charge users for premium posts. These posts will *not* appear at the top. Instead they will look different from other posts – bolded links, different color font – not at the users choice simply coded in by us. This will be a one time thing for a user – the users should not be able to do any other posts this way. I already set up the forum so that the client will approve all posts – he wants to be able to go in and click a button that will then style that post a different way.

    I can style the sticky to do this easily and have done so on my demo but am unsure how to proceed with his request. I do have a child theme.

    I know enough code to add stuff into functions and php pages. I am much better at HTML5 and CSS (can do animations).

    I have tried a few things I came up with on my own but they do not work and rather than show them I would rather hear your thoughts.

    Here is my demo – it is still pretty primitive…

    I am using
    Wordpress Version 4.6.1

    Customizr theme using child theme. Customizr Version: 3.4.23

    BBPress Plugin Version 2.5.10

    Code or a plugin (even a paid for plugin) if possible. Thank you!

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