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Need help placing a div somewhere for custom background

  • Making an own background in BBpress is not as easy as it sounds.

    I have an image that is locked in the bottom right corner. But it wont show until I place this div in the right file:

    <div id=”michael-j-pic”></div>

    This needs to be in the body of the index file. It has to be in the wrapper, and in firebug, it looks like this:

    See? Between Body-id and Wrapper. But which file is this?

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  • This is the CSS code I have placed in style.css in structure:

    #michael-j-pic {

    background:url(“images/bakgrunn.png”) no-repeat scroll right bottom transparent;






    Im using two boards to get support for this, so the code has changed slightly now.

    But the original question is: How can I create a background picture that is locked in the bottom corner, and doesnt scroll?

    Okay.. I have no made the picture appear. You can see it here

    BUT, the header-background disappears.. How do I resolve this?

    Okay I have managed to resolve all the problems exept one. I need help with only this now.

    When scrolling down, the white footer covers the background picture. How can I make this footer transparent? It does not have a defined bg color even.

    I see I have a habit of turning these help topics of mine into developer diaries. Now the question is different, so I will make a new post for it instead.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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